First impressions matter – a lot

The Law Society of Upper Canada’s orientation program strives to improve retention and productivity by making new employees comfortable and glad they joined
By Lav Shelat
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/03/2004

Any time a new employee walks through the door at the Law Society of Upper Canada, the organization acts quickly to help the person get started on the right foot.

The Law Society views orientation as an investment in the retention of talent. It has recently implemented a new orientation program. Based in Toronto, the Law Society of Upper Canada is the self-governing body for all lawyers in Ontario. Orientation must meet the expectations and needs of professional lawyers, but at the same time take into account other jobs that range from call centre representatives to auditors to security officers. Therefore it is important that orientation balances the needs of a wide variety of talent. The essence of the program is to introduce people to the culture, give them a common bond, teach the importance of teamwork in the workplace and provide the tools and information to be successful at the Law Society.

Retention is directly linked with how well an employee has been integrated into a new culture and the helpful tips they receive to get their work done. First impressions are important. They help establish a frame of reference for everything that follows in an employee’s career. A good orientation can build confidence and help an employee become fully productive sooner.