The Weird Workplace

|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/12/2016
Credit: Mascha Tace (Shutterstock)


STRANGE LAKE, QUE. — Remote locations are always a challenge for employers when it comes to bringing in supplies and workers, but one Quebec company has come up with an unusual solution: Airships. Quest Rare Minerals has signed a memorandum of understanding to have Straightline Aviation operate a fleet of seven helium-filled airships at its mine in Strange Lake, according to the CBC. Originally, the company had planned to build a 168-kilometre road from the mine site, but since it would have cut across a caribou migration route, and it would have been costlier, the company went with the airships. The road would also cost about $350 million to build, along with regular maintenance, said Quest’s president Dirk Naumann, while the airships would cost about $85 million per year. Each one can carry more than 20 metric tons of ore, 19 passengers and cargo.