Lack of sleep costing economy $21.4 billion or 80,000 workdays: Study

Cellphones, long commutes, poor habits contributing to lower productivity
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/31/2017

A lack of sleep is costing the Canadian economy dearly by taking a $21.4-billion or 1.35 per cent bite out of the GDP, according to a study — resulting in the loss of 80,000 workdays each year.

But if more workers began sleeping at least six to seven hours at night, another $12 billion could be added to the economic output, found the year-long study by research firm RAND, based on a 2013 representative survey by the National Sleep Foundation in Washington, D.C., with numbers extrapolated for Canada.

Workers averaging less than six hours of sleep have a 13 per cent greater chance of mortality risk over someone who gets between seven and nine hours of sleep, said the report.