Full-on talent management

Managers should try and get most out of individuals
By Michael Clark
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/23/2017

Giselle Kovary, president of n-gen People Performance, regaled the Strategic Capability Network with a rapid-fire, highly informative and entertaining presentation on getting, keeping and growing a multigenerational workforce.

As Kovary’s delivery unfolded, I was struck by how much it looked like really good, fully baked talent management — regardless of age. She demonstrated that all employees seek the same things. Universally, we all want to work with, for and among people who value and respect us. We want to contribute to something larger than ourselves, and work for organizations and people who warrant our trust. To achieve that, employers need to be transparent, responsive and partnering with employees, all of which looks a lot like great talent management for anyone.

The big insight is that age cohorts are just another diversity that intersects with other diversities. As such, to successfully integrate the cohorts, organizations need to use best diversity practices — communicating expectations, and modelling and rewarding the right behaviour. HR has a role as a champion and advisor, but the heavy lifting must be done by the managers of people who will need advice on identifying and adjusting how they relate to this staff diversity, without compromising other organizational values or goals.