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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/06/2017


TORONTO — Considering the risks, trust is hugely important among firefighters. But that creed was broken last summer when a Toronto firefighter apparently stole from his colleagues — using false alarms. Fire crews received calls about fires and responded accordingly, but when they arrived, there were no emergencies. Returning to the fire station, they discovered their cellphones, watches, jewelry, credit cards and iPads were stolen, according to the Toronto Star. On one occasion, the district chief returned to the fire station early and “caught the person in the act of leaving the station,” said Toronto fire union chief Frank Ramagnano. A 10-year veteran, Joshua Pittarelli-Bucks has since been charged with three counts of break-and-enter and false alarm of a fire, along with public mischief and possession of crack cocaine. Already on leave at the time of the break-ins, the firefighter was ordered to reside with a surety and attend a residential treatment centre. He was also ordered not to attend any fire hall in Toronto as part of his bail conditions.