Wither whistle-blower protection…

Only in the world of government public relations is this whistle-blowing legislation
By Senator Noël Kinsella
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/29/2004

With an election call, Bill C-25, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, dies on the order paper. Its passing is not mourned.

This bill has been promoted by the Martin Liberal government as whistle-blower protection, a law that would enable those who see wrongdoing in the workforce to speak up without fear of reprisal. It is an attempt to convince Canadians that the Liberal government is fixing the problem. In fact, the bill does the opposite, protecting ministers and senior managers by making it unlikely that those who spot corruption and abuse of authority will come forward.

Public servants on the front lines are the first to spot problems such as the sponsorship scandal. They can tell you whether or not Health Canada is suppressing test data. They know when someone is submitting inflated travel expenses. They see the invoices, they see the physical evidence, they know when they have been told to look the other way.