Saskatchewan NDP introduces bill to support victims of domestic violence

Union says supportive work environments should include paid leave
||Last Updated: 03/16/2017

REGINA (CP) — The Saskatchewan NDP has introduced a bill in the legislature which would provide critical supports to victims of domestic violence, and in particular dealing with ensuring workers and those around them are protected at work.

Opposition critic Nicole Sarauer says the province has one of the worst records of violence against women and she would like to see job security for women fleeing an abusive relationship and the ability to break a rental contract.

Justice Minister Gordon Wyant agrees that domestic violence is a serious concern.

He has instructed officials in the Justice Ministry to develop a long term integrated domestic violence strategy.

The Service Employees International Union - West is supporting the NDP bill.

The union, which represents public service workers including nurses, hospital staff, nursing home care providers, building services and security guards, says supportive work environments for victims of domestic violence should include paid leave because they may need time away to seek safety away from abusers.

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