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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/17/2017
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MODESTO, CALIF. — Knowing they are more likely to get some form of cancer, firefighters in Modesto, Calif., are hoping to get some peace of mind — from dogs, according to KXTV, a news station in Sacramento, Calif. CancerDogs of Canada uses specially trained beagles and hounds to detect the odor of cancer in a person’s exhaled breath. Firefighters breathe for 10 minutes into surgical masks and then mail them to the lab in Ottawa. “When we receive masks, we transfer them to pill bottles. The pill bottles are presented to the dog and the dog will systematically sniff each sample. If they smell cancer, they’ll put their paw (over it),” said CancerDogs founder Glenn Ferguson. It’s then recommended a dermatological test and blood test is done for further confirmation. The method has a 95 per cent accuracy rate, according to Ferguson.