Quebec Wal-Mart could be unionized

Province's labour board grants certification for store in Jonquière, UFCW hopes start collective bargaining soon
||Last Updated: 04/07/2005

The battle lines between organized labour and Wal-Mart shifted a little bit on Monday.

That’s because Quebec’s labour board granted employees at a Wal-Mart store in Jonquière a union certification. The move doesn’t mean the store is unionized yet — and Wal-Mart could still have the decision overturned on appeal — but the United Food and Commercial Workers Union said it hopes to put some collective bargaining proposals together in the fall.

Earlier this year workers at the Jonquière store rejected the unionization bid by a narrow margin, losing by just eight votes. But the UFCW persevered and got a majority of employees to sign union cards, clearing the way for the labour board’s decision to grant certification.