Valuing Nova Scotia health-care workers

How hospitals in 'Canada's ocean playground' reward staff
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/10/2004

At Capital Health in Halifax, the network of hospitals employing 8,500 people throughout Nova Scotia, the most significant cap on recognition is that exerted by the taxpayer.

“The issue for us is we’re non-profit and we’re publicly funded,” said Angela Harwood, Capital Health’s director of human resources. “It’s different from a company that makes money to give out recognition because they can take it from the profit margin. We don’t have the same ability.”

That means recipients of formal recognition programs are more likely to get a certificate instead of a gift. It’s only in the 25th and 30th year that service-award recipients get fancy items (a gold-and-silver watch for 25 years and Nova Scotia crystals for 30 years).