Creating a culture of feedback

360-degree feedback can be a way of life, not a program you impose
By Karen Todd
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/13/2004

Formal 360 degree feedback processes can help create effective management and leadership cultures but HR professionals often struggle to obtain the resources — including senior leadership’s commitment — required to implement them. Small to mid-size organizations, often find it particularly difficult to get the go-ahead to invest in a 360 feedback program.

But formal programs that solicit specific feedback on management and leadership practices from one’s manager, peers and subordinates are not the only option for HR departments. The ultimate goal ought to be the creation of a culture where the giving and receiving of feedback flows freely on a daily basis and is expected and appreciated, understood and acted upon.

The HR function can play a significant role in making this happen, simply through modelling the behaviour the organization needs to see from all its leaders.