Sorting through simulation options

The future of e-learning lies with simulations that engage learners in realistic and fun experiences
By Mathew Georghiou
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/28/2005

For years technology-based training has offered great potential and promise, and it has delivered in some ways. In particular, it has allowed people to choose where and when they learn, thereby reducing cost and increasing accessibility and convenience.

But one important area where e-learning has failed is in not sufficiently improving how well people learn. That’s because the focus has been placed on technology and delivery mechanisms, not on how humans learn best.

According to many cognitive experts, educators and instructional designers, humans learn best through experience. They learn by going out into the world and doing the things they want to learn. When learning-by-doing is not feasible in the real world, one option is learning-by-doing in a simulated environment.