HR heal thyself: How we portray ourselves as HR professionals

Why do so many HR professionals have a difficult time presenting themselves as credible professionals? Why are very few HR professionals’ own resumes suitable models of a well-prepared resume?
By Brian Orr
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/07/2003

Recently I had the opportunity to review the resumes submitted for a position as director of human resources for a medium-sized, respected public-sector organization. This vacancy offered a talented HR professional an ideal opportunity to gain experience running a small HR department and functioning as a member of the senior management team of a dynamic organization. The disappointment for me was the poor quality of most applications.

Was I being realistic in expecting HR professionals to submit high quality resumes and covering letters? Surely, HR professionals have some expertise in preparing resumes and covering letters. As HR professionals, we spend a significant amount of time reviewing resumes of applicants for vacant positions, as well as advising staff on how to prepare resumes.

A reflection of expertise