Are your workers afraid?

Workers may be reluctant to approach HR with safety concerns because they are afraid of being let go. Creating a safety-first culture may be the answer
By Joyce Hampton
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/18/2002

“They started to push people to do more production. In that time, the smoke was worse because everybody was working harder. I started to get sick. I said to my supervisor ‘I’m having problems with the smoke.’ He said ‘Everybody is working. You just keep working.’ ” —Injured worker.

They get hurt on the job, and when they complain, they find themselves out on the street without employment or severance pay. Witnesses who were around when the workplace injury occurred suddenly can’t remember seeing anything. Supervisors blame the employee himself. And HR takes management’s side.

It happens every day in Canadian companies, and legal-aid lawyer Dan Ublansky has seen it all.