Best Buy hit with age discrimination lawsuit

44 former workers in the United States launch class-action lawsuit against Minnesota-based retailer
||Last Updated: 01/26/2005

Electronics retailer Best Buy has been hit by a class-action lawsuit from 44 former workers in the United States who claim they were fired because of their age.

The suit, filed in Minnesota, alleges that Best Buy Company, Inc., unlawfully terminated the employment of the plaintiffs and other older information systems employees based on their ages, in violation of state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

The plaintiffs range in age from 40 to 71. Their average age at the time of their termination was 51. The 44 plaintiffs were terminated in two group reductions, the first in October 2003 and the second in June 2004, according to Gray Plant Mooty Mooty & Bennett, the law firm representing the workers.