T&D ripe for scientific rigour

T&D is now at the point the medical profession was ion the early 1800s
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/28/2005

Ruth Clark isn’t under any illusion that we know all there is to know about learning. Far from it.

In her view, the training profession is today where medicine was in the early 1800s — mixing science and hocus-pocus, selling concoctions on hype and hope but, in small numbers, starting to sort out what works and what doesn’t by testing methods for replicable results.

Though the body of research is still small, it has been growing, particularly in the area of cognitive psychology, said Clark. As keynote speaker at this month’s annual Knowledge Exchange in Toronto, an industry conference organized by the Canadian Society for Training and Development, Clark sees it as her job to rally practitioners to apply science in the training they deliver.