Words from Mount Nexus

By Lesley Young
Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2003

Robert Barnard, the Canadian who cracked Generation X and dubbed it “Nexus,” says that companies have a long way to go before understanding and then managing this unique cohort of employees. Despite the release of his groundbreaking book, Chips & Pop in 1998, he is still hearing a lot of corporate chatter about “work ethic,” “putting in your dues,” and “this group wants everything but puts in nothing.”

Meanwhile, over the past two years, the seven-million strong Nexus generation in Canada has become even more invisible, says Barnard, co-founder of Toronto-based consultants d~Code.

“You can spin the wheel around that as much as you want but the fact is that this is a very entrepreneurial and driven generation. I am still not sure companies are keying into the fact we require a different employer-employee relationship.”