Effective communications link employees to business, customers

Thoughtful strategy needed to cultivate an ‘employer brand’
By Claudine Kapel and Maggie Thompson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/17/2005

Many organizations have long understood the power of effective communication — especially as it relates to customers. Countless organizations have made significant investments to develop, polish and advance their “brand” image, and have developed strategies for informing, influencing and engaging customers.

As a result, they can clearly articulate how they seek to position themselves with customers. Whether it’s about service, quality, price or some combination thereof, most organizations understand the value proposition for customers.

Increasingly, organizations are looking inward, to assess how the power of effective communication can be used to instil an internal value proposition to help unleash corporate performance. The tools of marketers and merchandisers are being used to connect employees to both the organization and customers.