Canadian firms open their wallets

Majority of firms donating money to help in wake of tsunami disaster: Conference Board study
||Last Updated: 02/02/2005

Canadian firms are opening their wallets in the wake of the tsunami that swept through Asia on Dec. 26 killing more than 150,000.

The Conference Board of Canada surveyed its members to find out how much organizations were giving and found that, on average, respondents were giving about one-tenth of one per cent of after tax profits to the cause. That’s about the same as firms in the United States, it said.

“Canadian organizations are recognizing they have global roles to play in response to the tsunami disaster, both immediately and in the longer term,” said Judith MacBride-King, director of human resources management research at the Conference Board of Canada. “In addition to cash donations, they are providing in-kind goods and services, helping other Canadians donate, and supporting their employees, those located in the region and with family in the affected areas.”