Winning repeat business for HR (Guest commentary)

Raising HR’s status means making an organization’s managers loyal HR customers
By Frances Horibe
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/15/2005

Customer loyalty — HR often gives courses on how to foster it, and works with operational groups to increase it. But how often is that lens turned on HR itself? Does HR have the loyalty of its own clients?

The classic measure of customer loyalty is repeat business. Some businesses, like accountants, have it automatically. Taxes and books have to be done every year. So too for some parts of HR; there is a continuing need to pay people, manage benefits, track leave hire.

But for high leverage activities like training courses, developmental assignments, organizational interventions or strategies for diversity, HR often finds its clients looking outside the human resources department for assistance. That can be perfectly reasonable. HR cannot be all things to all people, especially since new HR concepts (or old ones repackaged) seem to come out almost daily. But that should be a decision by HR, not an unfortunate consequence of a lack of customer loyalty.