How long a contract should you sign?

Three-year deals most common
By Gordon Sova
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/17/2006

Nobody likes a strike. So much so that private security firm Securicor Canada recently signed a collective agreement with Teamsters Canada that included a clause prohibiting the union from striking at renewal time. In return, Securicor pledged not to lock out employees.

Is this the beginning of a trend? Not likely.

No-strike clauses are essentially a misnomer. By law, every collective agreement has a clause outlawing strikes and lockouts during the course of the agreement. So-called no-strike clauses differ in that the terms of the agreement are renegotiated without either party being able to resort to a strike or lockout. What is happening, in essence, is that the collective agreement has a longer term, and it is renegotiated mid-term.