Develop staff instead of resentment (Editorial)

By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/15/2005

This time of year many HR departments are slogging through the employee performance review process. Understandably seen as a time-consuming chore by managers and staff alike, formal performance development programs are nonetheless essential HR management tools. Done properly, they improve workers’ skills and productivity; done poorly, an opportunity to align staff with the corporate plan is missed. For HR it’s a chance to show its worth and embed effective people management strategies into an organization’s culture.

When performance plans work well, they bring senior management’s strategic plan for the year cascading down through the organization, eventually appearing as staff goals. Performance reviews are also a chance to address staff professional development, as well as being a mechanism to correct poor performers and discipline staff. What type of system to use to accomplish this is the question.

Technology can be employed, but whether or not HR decides (or can afford) to go this route, underlying principles remain the same. Two decisions to make are: When to perform reviews? And, should goal achievement be linked to compensation?