Orientation needed for new executives

Executives are expected to hit the ground running but without orientation often fall flat on their faces
By Fred Pamenter
Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2003

The army has its boot camp. Sports teams have farm systems. Sales departments have their sales training programs. Even unions have indoctrination programs. All these facilities are in place to enhance the chance of the new team member being a success. However, what do companies do for new management/executive recruits?

If new managers are junior enough on the totem pole, they will be assimilated into the company’s orientation program. But what is planned if they are joining the organization as a senior member in the hierarchy?

When hiring a senior executive the company expects the person to “hit the ground running.” The candidate expects to do the same thing as they enter a new phase in their career. Unfortunately, they often have the same experience that a novice encounters when they step off a moving sidewalk. They fall flat on their face.