Alta. employers push drug testing limits

Oil-and-gas sector employers want random and pre-employment drug testing
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/28/2005

Citing concerns for workplace safety, particularly in the oil-and-gas sector, employers in Alberta are increasingly emboldened in calling for random and pre-employment drug testing, two types of drug testing generally considered illegal.

Their efforts include a recommendation from employer groups, recently leaked to the media, for random drug tests in hazardous environments. It was submitted to the former Minister of Human Resources and Employment in the summer of 2003.

Many employers are not waiting for the government’s green light on this issue, however. Pre-employment and random drug testing has become widespread in oil and gas industries, with employers putting the onus on employees and unions to challenge the policies. Overall, there’s a sense around the province that the jurisprudence around this issue is far from settled.