A golden opportunity for older workers to energize firms

Organizations tap into the over 50 pool
By Moira Potter
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/28/2005

A devastating labour shortage is looming. Baby boomers, still one-third of the North American population, will be leaving the workforce in the next two decades, and there simply won’t be enough younger workers available to fill the intellectual and skills gap. Business will feel the crunch.

Many organizations already recognize the coming crisis and are looking to tap into a vast, knowledgeable, experienced and growing pool of workers — those over 50.

“Smart organizations realize that older workers not only possess a lifetime of experience and a wealth of skills, but are, for the most part, vibrant, hard-working and dedicated,” says Eric Vengroff, vice-president of marketing for CARP, Canada’s association for people over the age of 50.