Social responsibility gives Canadian firms an edge (Guest Commentary)

By Paul Tsaparis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/24/2005

I am a firm believer in corporate social responsibility and I am also a business leader who understands that we cannot succeed without delivering solid financial performance. I do believe that CSR can deliver competitive advantage, and is a critical and often overlooked contributor in the pursuit of global competitiveness.

How we do business is as important to our success as what we do. This concept has never been more important to our collective economic success in Canada.

Canada has always been recognized as a leader in social responsibility. We have a proud legacy on many fronts — we were one of a handful of countries responsible for the creation of the United Nations and one of the first in the world to adopt a publicly funded health-care program. From embracing the international rule of law, to peacekeeping, to diversity in its broadest terms, Canada has led the way — and we continue in our pursuit of common good and fairness.