Creating a team atmosphere helps Certicom foster recognition

High-tech firm’s recognition programs are part of a total rewards strategy that includes intangibles such as corporate culture
By Joyce Grant
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/24/2005

Primarily programmers and mathematicians, employees at high-tech company Certicom don’t make for an especially social or outgoing bunch. They tend to stay at their computers, working through the night if they have to meet a deadline. When it comes to building a recognition program, incentives like “days off” don’t work because employees tend not to take all of their vacation days anyway.

Recognition is part of a total rewards strategy at the Mississauga, Ont.-based company. Recognition programs support, and are supported by, team-building activities, communications programs and a corporate culture that supports and recognizes the firm’s 107 staff.

It makes for a positive working environment in which, as employee Josie Poole said, the company feels “like a family.” That sentiment is the Holy Grail for HR managers, especially today when employee loyalty is so hard to come by.