Books lead the way to better prepared leaders (HR Manager's Bookshelf)

Super Skills for Supervisors • Flexible Leadership • Leading Self-Directed Work Teams • Organization Smarts • The Leadership Challenge
By Ray Brillinger
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/06/2005

Supervisor, team lead, manager, organizational leader. At all levels, the challenges of leadership confront those who are talented, fortunate — or in some cases unfortunate enough to take on the role. Here are some books that shed light on the skills and the mindset that leaders at various levels can use in their quest to succeed.

We begin with a storytelling tour of front-line supervision as experienced by five “supers” who face the stress of their roles head on and take the high road of progressive practices. They learn to do things to help their teams, and themselves, in the complex life of day-to-day work.

Super Skills for Supervisors