Construction analysis calls for more training initiatives and more flexible workers

Nation-wide forecast predicts shift from residential to industrial projects
By Shannon Klie
||Last Updated: 08/22/2005

A new analysis will help human resources professionals in the construction industry plan their training, hiring and recruiting strategies over the next eight years, said the president of Alberta-based Construction Labour Relations.

“The new forecasting tool will keep us a step ahead of labour market changes in the industry,” said Neil Tidsbury. “It provides crucial information to help keep projects on-time and on-budget, to guide human resources planning and policy, training curriculum, career planning and more.”

The report, Construction Looking Forward, is the result of a one-and-a-half-year long project by the Construction Sector Council (CSC) and various industry partners across Canada. The CSC released the national report in June and has rolled out individual provincial reports since then.