From trinkets to a corporate philosophy

Leading service providers talk about recognition
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/15/2005

Canadian HR Reporter talked to some of the leading service providers in the growing field of employee recognition. We asked them what companies are doing well, what needs to improve and what they see as the future of employee recognition. One overriding theme among all the responses: employee recognition isn’t just about getting a gold watch after 25 years of service. It’s becoming a major part of companies’ human resources strategies.

Gordon Green
Executive vice-president, recognition & reward strategy
Rideau Recognition

Companies are really starting to see it’s a good business strategy to build the crucial relationships between employees and their managers. They’re using recognition to get the desired behaviours they want and to acknowledge superior performance. They’re putting programs in place not only to recognize and reward simple milestones such as years of service, but also to reward employees who are making efforts in alignment with corporate values.