Answering call centre turnover

Hamilton-based AnswerPlus uses training, support, rewards and career opportunities to solve retention woes in a sector notorious for turnover
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/03/2006

High turnover is the bane of most businesses, but nowhere more so than in the call centre industry, widely seen by jobseekers as high-stress, no-advancement work environments.

It’s not unheard of in this industry to have 100-per-cent turnover, and about eight years ago, such would be the level of staff departure at AnswerPlus.

“That doesn’t mean that you would lose all of your staff, but it may mean that you would have to fill a third of your positions three times a year,” said Barbara Bradbury, vice-president of operations at the Hamilton-based inbound third-party call centre employing 90 call centre employees at two locations.