Mining industry needs 81,000 new workers in next decade

New study shows that the booming industry needs to step up its recruitment of new workers and retain those who are ready to retire
By Shannon Klie
||Last Updated: 09/09/2005

Canada’s mining industry is facing an astounding worker shortage over the next 10 years, a two-year-long study found.

The industry will need up to 81,000 new workers to meet the needs of an industry that’s growth rate has been twice that of the Canadian economy since 2002. The study also predicts that nearly 40 per cent of the mining workforce will retire in the next decade.

“We had a lot of anecdotal information pointing to a looming shortage,” said Paul Hebert, the executive director of the Mining Industry Training and Adjustment Council (MITAC), the organization that conducted the study. “Eighty-thousand — that is a big number. It represents 100 per cent of today’s workforce.”