Innovation often an excuse for inept leadership (Guest commentary)

Creativity requires discipline to be effective
By Edmond Mellina
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/26/2005

Innovation is back on the front burner. The dot-com bust and the corporate scandals forced corporations to focus heavily on cost cutting and governance. As a result, innovation became a lesser priority. Since then, the economy has been recovering nicely. Corporate governance has enjoyed great traction across industries and the headlines have stopped featuring new scandals.

While corporate growth has returned, competition has intensified globally. Not surprisingly, executives are stressing the importance of fuelling innovation.

That’s great news…unless you work for a “fuzzy leader.” Not only does innovation represent a convenient excuse for this type of manager, it acts as a catalyst that intensifies his dark side. The renewed focus on innovation gives a licence to torment employees — consciously or not.