Diversity recruiting is about getting candidates on equal footing (Guest Commentary)

Ottawa Police Services says traditional recruiting methods outdated in a multicultural society
By Syd Gravel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/11/2005

The changing demographics of job candidates and the need for managers to tailor their management styles accordingly is an important concern in today’s workforce. But how we recruit in a multicultural society has to change as well.

In policing, the traditional means of recruiting that have suited us well for more than 150 years are no longer appropriate. Newspaper advertisements, “shopping mall” recruitment booths and the twice-a-year university or college job fairs just don’t meet our needs.

Applicant pools are changing — not only in terms of education, experience and age. Potential recruits now come from communities that simply don’t view policing as a career option or as an honourable profession. This is one of the major reasons why outreach projects will fail if we don’t let go of the old ways of recruiting. They will also fail if we do not address retention issues.