Is HR outsourcing for you? (Guest commentary)

Four questions to consider
By Vin Cipolla
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/22/2005

Nearly all human resources executives have engaged in outsourcing, whether they called it by that name or not.

They’ve called staffing agencies at 8 a.m. for last-minute help with special projects or retained a search firm to comb the country for a CFO with turnaround experience. They’ve made the easy decision to let a retirement administrator handle the headaches of a pension plan, swallowed their pride and brought in a consultant to write their employment policies, acknowledging a lack of in-house communications expertise. HR outsourcing (HRO) is intensifying.

But in the productivity-driven 2000s, the power to outsource comes with a set of mandates to justify its use, to justify the fixed costs of every full-time worker in every quarter and to give top executives a clear view of the value added by scores of vendors and consultants. Today, successful HRO is rolled out as an integrated, strategic program, not merely shaken loose as a patchwork of solutions for a diverse set of HR challenges.