De ritingz on de wal (Editorial)

Pop culture promoting unintelligible misspellings bodes ill for the future workforce
By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/22/2005

My daughter was recently invited to be a pen pal. It seemed like a worthwhile endeavour, but instead of an opportunity for her growth, it became an eye-opener for myself. And a warning for HR professionals about the next generation.

As the child of two editors it’s not surprising my daughter has taken to the written word at a young age, and the offer of correspondence from a distant pre-teen relative in England seemed a good opportunity to develop her writing skills.

I wasn’t expecting some exchange on the level of Gandhi and Tolstoy, but when the first letter arrived its sentences were surprisingly disappointing. It wasn’t so much the subject matter but the pride taken in obscuring words by attempting to represent each syllable with a similar sounding one or an alternative spelling. And lots of numbers 4u2.