Job rotations give future leaders the depth they need

Organizational understanding, career development, employee loyalty all improve
By Judy Orr
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/02/2006

As HR professionals, we hear a persistent message that employee loyalty is over and the workforce is increasingly mobile. While this is the case for many, a significant portion of employees still want to build large portions of their careers with employers that engage them. HR needs to remember this as it builds talent management systems and responds to looming demographic realities.

With each passing day, a time bomb ticks away in Canadian business. In 2006, the oldest of Canada’s approximately 9.8 million baby boomers will turn 60. Retirement is on the horizon for a significant portion of the workforce if it hasn’t already arrived.

Couple this with multiple studies telling us that employees are disenchanted with their work environment. A primary reason is a lack of engaging cultures offering opportunities to learn and grow.