India, China call expats back home

Canada at risk of losing skilled professionals to opportunities abroad
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/29/2006

With one million immigrants from China and another 800,000 from India, Canada has increasingly relied upon this population to shore up its own lagging birth rate. And with the much talked about labour shortage on the horizon, skilled and educated immigrants will be even more important to Canada’s economy in the future.

However, India is facing its own skilled labour shortage and in December it launched Overseas Citizenship of India. The program provides anyone born in India, or whose parents or grandparents were born there, a multi-entry, multi-purpose, lifelong visa, making it even easier to live and work in India. So far, 500 Toronto-area residents have applied for the visa, with thousands more Canadians expected to do so in the coming months.

China’s economy is also booming, and for the past few years it has had a similar program in place, the effects of which are already being felt in the Chinese-Canadian community.