Feast or famine (Guest commentary)

There’s a better way to deal with the boom-and-bust cycle for high-tech workers
By Gary Davis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/28/2006

Human resource professionals and recruiters in Ottawa’s high-tech sector have gone from lurking in parking lots with offers of pool tables and holiday trips to drowning in a sea of qualified resumés for every single position posted.

That’s the pre- and post-technology boom labour picture in the nation’s capital. And it’s hardly a model of efficient human resource planning. While HR might be enjoying a reprieve from aggressive recruiting tactics in this labour pool, it’s likely to be short-lived with a much-talked-about labour shortage looming.

Recognizing this, some Ottawa businesses, not to mention industry leaders, economic development agencies and workers themselves, are calling for a co-ordinated, industry-wide approach to skills development that is sustainable over the long haul.