Recognizing good deeds provides its own rewards

Rewarding employees for community involvement increases their engagement at work and makes the company look good
By Andy Mercy and Andrew Dailey
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/10/2006

Embracing corporate social responsibility is not only good for a company’s image, it’s also good for its bottom line. That’s because adopting corporate social responsibility can raise the organization’s profile in the community and boost employee loyalty and engagement.

The 2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship study of 1,033 employees in the United States showed that 87 per cent felt a strong sense of loyalty to their companies when they actively support social causes. There’s no reason to think the numbers would look any different in Canada.

However, there’s more to the strategy than simply instituting a program and hoping employees get behind it. By identifying the issues and causes employees are already involved in, an organization can mould its strategy to encourage workers to invest themselves in the program and the company. A recognition program that rewards employees for their involvement in the community transforms that involvement into the foundation of a socially responsible strategy.