Mining EAP data can boost prevention efforts

EAP data, employee surveys can give organizations a powerful arsenal to battle mental health issues
By Paul Fairlie and Karen Seward
|CHRR, Report on Healthy Workplaces|Last Updated: 04/25/2006

Location, location, location. Anybody who has ever bought property knows the old adage about the three most important things in real estate. A similar philosophy is emerging around employee health and wellness, but it’s “prevention, prevention, prevention” that’s the key to success.

Most employers understand the best way to manage employee health costs is to prevent problems from emerging in the first place. There are still a few employers, however, that haven’t embraced the concept. They don’t feel it is their responsibility to prevent employee health problems. But the reality is that Canadians spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Like it or not, their health problems are manifested in the workplace. Employers need to recognize that employee health is organizational health. It either expands or erodes the bottom line.

EAPs can help set a prevention agenda by analyzing employee data and identifying groups that are at risk