Saskatchewan Regulations Under Review

The provinces's Minimum Wage Board is reviewing regulations concerning the minimum age for employment in Saskatchewan and a requirement that employers in certain industries provide transporation home for some employee's.
||Last Updated: 06/26/2006

As part of the review, it has released a discussion paper,

Reviewing Saskatchewan's Minimum Wage Regulations: Minimum Age of Employment and Employer-provided Transportation Home

, which provides details on the current regulations and asks for feedback from the public on possible changes to the requirements.

Currently, minimum age requirements only apply in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and educational institutions. Employers in these businesses cannot hire anyone under 16 years of age. In other types of businesses, such as retail clothing, employers may hire workers under 16. The discussion paper asks for feedback on whether there should be a minimum age at all and, if so, what it should be. It also asks if minimum age requirements should apply only to the types of workplaces currently covered or whether they should apply to other types of businesses.

If the government did eliminate the minimum age requirement, the paper asks for feedback on questions such as whether there should be a maximum on the number of hours per day that employees under age 16 can work and how late they should be allowed to work at night.

The board is accepting feedback on the discussion paper until May 1, 2006. Comments can be submitted to the board at or mailed to the Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Board, #400-1870 Albert St., Regina, SK S4P 4W1.

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