Work can be a pain in the neck

Simple equipment adjustments can save employers billions of dollars in lost-time injuries
||Last Updated: 05/31/2006

Between 1996 and 2004, Ontario’s employers paid more than $12 billion in direct and indirect costs related to musculoskeletal disorders, according to the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Besides these serious, lost-time injuries, fatigued muscles, aching joints and burning eyes are often side-effects of working long hours at the office.

“When it comes to office-related physical discomfort, the culprit is often the overlooked, everyday office equipment,” says Kathy Kawaja, senior associate consultant and certified ergonomics expert at Toronto-based ergonomic consultant firm Human Factors North.

“Simple things like a computer monitor that is positioned too high or too low or a poorly adjusted chair can create strain and discomfort for many office workers, which can lead to decreased productivity and employee absences, which ultimately affect your company’s bottom line.”