Let’s argue about health care (Editorial)

Canadians tiring of the private versus public debate
By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/07/2006

During a visit to Toronto last month former U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered a warning to be wary of American-style health care.

Clinton described the U.S. system as “a nightmare” and a “colossal waste of money” that sees 34 per cent of health-care spending going to administrative costs instead of patient care, compared to the 19 per cent Canada spends on administration. Clinton said that while Canada’s publicly funded system has its problems, Canadians should think long and hard about introducing American-style private insurance.

These are words of encouragement to those who think Canada’s health-care system is a better deal for both patients and the business community than any other model. But is anyone listening anymore? Has Canada’s health debate ground to a halt? Are we tired of arguing about one-tier versus two-tier, opting instead to wait and see what we end up with?