Older Canadians working more and are less happy: StatsCan

Five steps to help older workers balance work and life
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 09/11/2006

Older Canadians are putting in longer hours at work, working later in life and most don’t seem particularly happy, according to a Statistics Canada survey.

The survey of 6,500 Canadians aged 55 plus, found that men and women over 55 spent approximately an hour a day more in paid work in 2005 than they did in 1998. It was also indicated that older Canadians are not opting for an early retirement. More than 68 per cent of men aged 55 to 64 had jobs in 2005, up from 59 per cent in 1998. Working rates among women in that age group rose to 51 per cent from 41 per cent.

When the participants were asked how healthy and satisfied they are with their lives only 20 per cent of the Canadians polled said that they were both satisfied with their life and in good health. Forty per cent responded that they were not satisfied with their life overall did not feel healthy. The remainder were somewhere in between – either they were healthy, but felt less satisfied with their life, or they were satisfied with their life but did not feel healthy.