Revenge of the blogged (Editorial)

Turning the tables on online tattle-tales
By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/14/2006

Could your workplace serve as a setting for a sitcom? Or maybe it’s more like a horror movie. The cast of characters that makeup your team may very well prove that fact is stranger than fiction, all that’s needed is a script.

HR be warned: there’s a wannabe writer out there somewhere who’s hoping to turn a short entry-level stint with your organization into a Hollywood career. And he wants to put your dirty laundry online.

Since its introduction to the workplace, the Internet has been both boon and bane for employers. While it has revolutionized communication and information sharing it has also created worries for HR departments that have had to create polices to deal with issues such as online gambling, pornography, privacy, illegal music downloading and employees unproductively surfing and e-mailing friends.