4 in 10 Toronto workers bundle up

Toronto Hydro poll finds workers willing to forgo pantyhose and suit jackets if employers ease up on air conditioning
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 08/25/2006

The complaints of 'meat locker' syndrome in offices across the city are on the rise, according to Toronto Hydro's second annual Peak Out poll.

The survey of 736 Torontonians in the middle of July found that people are leaving their office or workspace and going outside to warm up. Forty per cent of respondents said they have to wear warmer clothes because workplace air conditioning is too high. This is up from 37 per cent last year.

Last year 25 per cent of Toronto workers found it 'too cold' in their workplace. Despite a media campaign urging employers to conserve energy and turn down air conditioning, 28 per cent of workers this year report their workplace is too cold.