Ontario HR association wants exemption from paralegal law

Bill 'not intended' to regulate HR
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/20/2006

As a bill to regulate paralegals approaches third reading in the Ontario legislature, questions have risen about whether HR professionals in the province will soon have to be licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Bill 14, the Access to Justice Act, would, among other things, require paralegals to be licensed by the Law Society. The definition of “paralegal” is so broad that it has raised concerns about the impact on HR professionals. It includes anyone giving legal advice, anyone representing a person in a proceeding before an adjudicative body and anyone negotiating the legal interests, rights and responsibilities of another person.

Also covered are those drafting and revising documents that either affect the legal interests, rights or responsibilities of another or will be used in an adjudicative proceeding.