Think nationally, act locally (Guest commentary)

Why local salary surveys are as important as national ones
By Mary de Reus
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/16/2006

Fall is compensation survey season and HR departments are swamped with data from vendors across the country, all of them rushing to be the first to market with their results and insights. To be fair, I am among the guilty, having just released six compensation surveys for the Greater Toronto Area and adding more than 2,000 pages of data to the pile.

It’s easy to be crushed under the mountain of numbers, offered in many different forms and templates, with each collection claiming to provide vital knowledge for your practice.

Are there too many players on the market? Are we suffering from salary survey overkill? Absolutely not. Seasoned HR professionals know that both Canada-wide data and market-specific numbers and trends are essential to the HR function of designing competitive compensation packages.