Head office can take it from here (Editorial)

Over-protective employees can do more harm than good
By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/16/2006

It inevitably happens to some employer somewhere in Canada this time of year. And it tells us something about the mindset employees can adopt in the name of “protecting” their employer. This year it was a grocery store in Quebec.

Tom Mullin, a 76-year-old veteran who served in the Korean War, was given the boot from a Provigo grocery store in Montreal when the store determined there wasn’t room for him to sell poppies before Remembrance Day. Followed (surprise, surprise) by being asked to come back when the story got out to the public.

There’s always some example of a mall, commercial property, transit system or other place of business asking poppy-selling vets to leave the premises. Then the head office steps in to apologize, correct the situation and save the organization from gaining a reputation as a mean-spirited place that picks on elderly people and callously demeans the sacrifice given by those who served in the military. (It’s generally agreed that sort of thing doesn’t look good on the corporate mission statement.)